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About Us

FAROS advisory is comprised of distinguished experts in strategic advisory for large-scale hotel, tourism, and real estate investment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With extensive executive, academic, and government-level experience, backed by a high-level network, we collaborate on the success of key projects for the region, using the most advanced tools and knowledge in the globe, within the framework of best ESG practices.

What We Do

As established lighthouses (faros, in spanish) throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, we guide our clients, free from any other vested interest, on the most appropriate path to materialize their projects, helping them discover and achieve their full growth potential.

We collaborate with them in executing the most successful actions in each of the essential stages of hotel, real estate, and tourism investment: prospecting, market analysis, feasibility, concept development, (re) structuring, funding, development, growth, and expansion.

Our Core Values

We advise and represent our clients in Latin America and the Caribbean guided by unwavering principles:

Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence.

These values of professional, personal, and social conduct are embedded in the DNA of all the experts who are part of FAROS advisory and determine the backbone of our work.

Our Leitmotiv

We are driven to advise clients who have projects and initiatives in Hotel Real Estate and Tourism Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the potential to improve the status quo in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Through comprehensive analysis and accurate diagnosis of each case, we are responsible for determining whether it is advisable to move forward with their proposals.

If the project is executed, we work to minimize risks and timelines while achieving the best economic and social returns, along with making a positive impact in the communities where these projects are developed.

Fabián Rodríguez-Suárez
Founder & Principal | FAROS advisory
Fabián Rodríguez-Suárez leads the activities of our team of experts in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is one of the most influential references in hotel and real estate investment in the region, driving projects and foundational agreements in the sector over the last decade, and frequently invited to speak at conferences and specialized media.

With over 20 years of corporate experience in hotel investment, tourism, real estate, and brands, he has held top management positions for Latin America in leading consulting firms and companies globally, including Hilton, Accor Hotels, Horwath HLT, RHC Latin America & The Caribbean, and Cencosud.

In addition to his business activity, he is a graduate professor at the National University of La Plata (UNLP, Argentina) and Academic Director of the Postgraduate Program in Hotel and Real Estate Investment (PIH, FCE-UNLP). He has been an MBA professor at the University of Palermo ('10, '11, '12) and taught courses on the subject at the Torcuato Di Tella University (UTDT, Argentina, '12, '13).

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA, '00), a Master's degree in Finance from UTDT ('02), an specialization in Negotiation and Conflict Management at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, and in Hotel Real Estate Investment and Asset Management at Cornell University.

Our Services

We offer our clients all of our expertise and network to guide them through the most important stages of any idea or project in Hotel, Real Estate, and Tourism Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean:
  • Investment Opportunity Prospecting
  • Highest & Best Use, Market Studies and Economic Feasibility
  • Selection of Brands, Franchises, Hotel and Real Estate Operators
  • Franchise, Operation and Lease Agreements Generation
  • Capital Raising and Strategic Alliances
  • Asset Valuations and Transactions
  • Investment Strategy for Real Estate Assets and Portfolios
  • Brand or Operator Conversion
  • Emerging Destinations Consolidation
  • Public Policy Development
  • International Expansion of Brands and Operators
  • Education and Training in Hotel, Real Estate and Tourism Investment

Clients | Testimonials

“We have been developing and investing in hotels in our region for many years, working with the most important hotel brands and chains. Given the complexity of the sector and current market conditions, Fabian and his team's expertise has proven to be invaluable in helping us navigate stakeholder engagement and achieve our objectives."

Skyway Corp. & Real Estate Shine Ltd.

“Fabián's work, as well as his recognized career, provide the type of professional advice we need to lead the reins of our businesses in the region. This gives us assurance of success in management and prospecting.”

Grupo Madero Este

“Doing large-scale Real Estate business in these latitudes has always been a huge challenge, especially now, given the paradigm shift we are experiencing. That's why having Fabián and his staff's knowledge is essential for us to define certain aspects that require a level of analysis and care different from everyday operations.”

Romay Desarrollos S.A.

“Fabián’s contributions has always been top-notch and instrumental in several of our projects. His experience provides us with a solid foundation, a proven track record, and deep knowledge of the Latin American hotel and real estate market. All of this is essential for any investor when evaluating scenarios and making decisions.”


“Having the full experience of Fabián during the negotiation with Hilton to develop the Hampton brand in Brazil was crucial for the success of the business. All the stages were completed on time, all commitments were honored, and if we are celebrating the success that the project has achieved today, it was thanks to the work developed by Fabián from the beginning.”


“We are a leading real estate development company that has experienced strong growth in recent years thanks to the execution of innovative and high-quality projects. Fabian's work, along with his team of specialists, his aptitude, and professionalism, as well as the tools and methodologies used in his consulting, have been fundamental in carrying out some of the special aspects of our most outstanding projects."

ABES Desarrolladora


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We believe that every idea is a ship that needs to reach its destination, and to achieve that, what better than a faro (lighthouse, in spanish), a powerful light that guides that path.

Based on our experience, we know that there are no easy projects, but with the right recommendations and management, it is possible to achieve solid projects.

That's what it's all about: minimizing risks and drawing on the experience of those who have sailed our waters.
And that´s why we provide everything necessary to enlighten our clients' decisions, in pursuit of a common goal: the success of their business venture.

Multi-party Analysis | Precise Recommendations | Smart Decision-Making | Solid Project Execution